Model N


  • For short variable ways of transportation 
  • Movement of moderately heavy loads, e.g. machines, parts of machines and for installation works
  • A speed of 5m/min should not be exceeded.
  • Allows to turn corners by using turntables and packing plates
  • Frequently used as coplete transport kit

Key features

  • stable, solid  basic construction
  • low level construction
  • Accesories for turning corners

Hints on use

  • The track surface is important for the safe transportation of the load, not the carrying capacity of the Roller Skate. Tiles are insufficient. The movement on tarmac and concrete is restricted. In these cases, a steel plate of a minimum of 10mm thickness is recommended
  • Possible problems can be avoided by choosing Roller Skate models with a larger roll diameter within the chain.
  • All maximum carrying capacities are based for use on a steel surface, which withstands the high pressure of the chain rollers. For safety, the carrying capacities on complete sets are calculated so that on uneven surfaces 2 roller skates could support the full load 
  • Due to the liffter effort required to overcome the rolling resistance (4-7% of the total load) precautionary measures must be taken for use on inclined surfaces

Here you will find our accessories for the model N and the matching transport sets

Size I – III

Size IV – V
max kN
I2101006618516167 625 5151005,2
II22011375246010180 625 4131507,3
III27013092306810217 625 41330013,0
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