Model S-A(B), S-A(B)/P

Range of application

  • For use on profiles (girders/rails)
  • Can be inserted as a machine part
  • For transporting loads at a maximum speed of 100m/min
  • with one flange wheel (=A) or with 2 flange wheels (=B)
  • the maximum distance between 2 flange wheels x=55mm for the serial wheel
  • when choosing 2 flange wheels, please state the dimension x


  • Solid steel construction with ball bearings (S) or self-aligning roller bearings (S/P)
  • Delivered also as fixed castor
  • Special construction to suit customer requirements

Hints on use 

  • Maintenance-free construction, used particularly in machine factories
  • Narrower distance between flange wheels if required, distances >55mm on request
  • Can be combined with fixed castors
  • Body of the wheel hardened optional with model …S (extra charge) and standard with model … S/P (without additional charge)

Model (Steel)

Mod.abcØ d1Ø d2Ø d3Ø d4x
of the series
Capacity (kN)Weight (kg)
1 flange2 flangeAB
125 S-A125 S-B809067,5125150305055SF..S-A(B)207,57,9
150 S-A150 S-B809067,5150175305055SF..S-A(B)2510,210,7
175 S-A175 S-B809067,5175200305055SF..S-A(B)3014,114,7
200 S-A200 S-B809067,5200225305055SF..S-A(B)3018,719,4

Model (Steel)../P

Mod.abcØ d1Ø d2Ø d3Ø d4x maxsuitable
of the series
Capacity (kN)Weight (kg)
1 flange2 flangeAB
150 S-A/P150 S-B/P809067,5150150305055SF..S-A(B)/P4010,410,9
175 S-A/P175 S-B/P809067,5175175305055SF..S-A(B)/P4014,314,9
200 S-A/P200 S-B/P809067,5200200305055SF..S-A(B)/P5018,919,6
225 S-A/P225 S-B/P809067,5225225305055SF..S-A(B)/P5024,325,1
250 S-A/P250 S-B/P809067,5250225305055SF..S-A(B)/P6530,331,1
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