Nuclear Research Centre in Genf

Participation for example at the L3, LHC and CMS Experiment at Cern

In the Nuclear Research Center CERN in Genf, elementary particles are accelerated in a ring accelerator and brought to a collision. For example, in the Large Hadron Collider LHC, hydrogen nucleus are brought to a collision with a speed  that is close to the speed of light and with heavy detectors they try to research for the conditions at the time of the Big Bang. 

For the positioning of the detectors and the maintenance of the accelerator magnets, our Roller Skates have been used for decades. For the project that we show here, Roller Skates V AS-H-50CrV4(-FR-E) with a maximum vertical capacity of 85 tons were used.

Also at other Nuclear Researsch Centers with ring accelerators, e.g. DESY in Hamburg or JINR in Dubna/Moscow, our Roller Skates with maximum loads of up to 500 tons are used.

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