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Roller Skate
  Complete Transport Kit
  For simple variable
  For bad working conditions
  For permanent loads
  For extreme point loads
  lateral guide roller
Heavy Duty Wheels
  Wheels (without castors)
  Fixed castors
  Sets of wheels
Special designs
Examples of application
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Special designs - Roller Skates made to measure

  with swivelling top-plate

with special guide rollers  

  with four chains

with curved centre-plate  

with removable guide rollers

with guide rollers to run in channels

with horizontal and vertical guide rollers (-FR-E-SR-B)

with centralised bearing
(body galvanised)

  according to drawing Sk 68 A

(galvanised) according to drawing 51-3-960

special construction acc. to drawing 51-3-1109

with additional flat link chain for tracks with small resistance

with guide gibs