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Examples of application
Positioning of a tooling machine
Movement of a winding tower
Positioning of partitions on a container ship
Movable spectutors' stand at "Schalke"
Displacement of a 4.000 to. furnace
Maintenance at CERN / Geneva
Steel mill car
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Project engineering assistance

Examples of application

Arena at Schalke

The biggest advantage of Roller Skates is the low level construction, combined with high carrying capacity.

This was the convincing argument for thy use under a spectators' stand in the football stadium at Schalke.

  • empty weight 7.500 kN. (max. capacity ca. 8.000 persons)
  • span 80 m
  • distributed on 6 Roller Skates of the midified Mod. VI v AS-H-50CrV4