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Reference list

Since 1951 our Rollers have been used in the following projects around the world (excerpts)

  • 1955 Moved a complete house on 25 Rollers to make way for a new canal between the North and Baltic Seas. Moving of large scaffold towers and shuttering for specialist companies e.g. bridge construction for motorway between Cologne and Hagen A 1.
  • 1957 Roller Skates used to position bridge near Hamburg.
  • 1958 Moving a complete house to make space for a new road. 100 tonnes hydraulic cylinder fitted with Roller Skates
  • 1962 Used to build Listertal bridge near Lüdenscheid
  • Removal and replacement of ship engines for repair purposes.
  • 1964 Used to assemble 30000 tonnes capacity hydraulic press.
  • 1965 Used under high temperature conditions in the filling of furnaces.
  • In the following bridge constructions on the motorway between Dortmund and Frankfurt (Lennetal near Hagen, Kattenbusch and Bremecke near Lüdenscheid, bridge at Eisern and the bridge over Siegtal near Siegen.)
  • 1966 Several bridges around Bonn and Bamberg (motorway). Transportation of containers on land and on ships.
  • 1968 Underground railway at cologne.
  • 1970 Positioning of the olympic stadium roof at Munich.
  • 1972 Used in the construction of nuclear power stations. Support and guidance of test equipment in the mining industry.
  • 1973/77Used in the nuclear research project PETRA by DESY in Hamburg.
  • 1975 More than 1000 Rollers used on NATO hardened aircraft shelter doors.
    Used in a vertical position on a tower crane built in Germany for Australian customer.
    Used in the movement of pressure-rollers in the steel industry.
    Positioning of railway bridge at Meppen and Ratingen.
  • 1978 Used in coil and large tube production.
  • 1978/79 Bridge construction over moor near Plön/Holstein.
  • 1981 Bridge construction over the Löwental near Friedrichshafen.
  • 1982 Repositioning of complete furnace (1000 tonnes).
  • 1983 Set of Heavy Duty Wheels used by the underground railway near Nuremberg.
    Used by German construction company for positioning a heavy roof in Abu Dhabi.
  • 1984 Used for transportation of slag wagon in coke production.
    Used for positioning counterbalance on cranes.
  • 1986 Used on the construction of several tunnels for the German high speed railway between Hamburg and Würzburg.
  • 1986 Construction of bridge over the Danube at Donaustauf near Regensburg.
  • 1986/87Railway bridge at Oelde (Warendorfer Str.).
  • 1987 Used on big machine tools in the car industry.
  • 1988 Bridge over the motorway A1 in Hagen.
  • 1986 Bearing for heat expansion for large furnaces/paint spraying installations.
  • 1988 Used in the nuclear research project ZEUS by DESY in Hamburg, (3600 Tonnes).
  • 1989 Used in the nuclear research project HERA by DESY in Hamburg, (3600 Tonnes).
  • 1991 Renovation of Weser Stadium at Bremen
  • 1991 Renovation of Weser Stadium in Bremen
  • 1992 Positioning of scaffolds for railway overpass near Bad Kreuznach
  • 1995 Used for extension of suburban railway of Stuttgart
  • 1996 Used for bridge over the Saale at Schkortleben
  • 1996 Used at Potsdamer Platz/Berlin
  • 1997 for tunnels and bridges of the motorway BAB A 100
  • 1997 Used in the transfer of road B311 at Ertingen
  • 1998 Used for tunnel constructions in Berlin
  • 1997 used for extension of suburban railway at Braunschweig
  • 1997 raod bridge 69 at Bad Essen
  • 1999 Extension of suspension railway at Wuppertal
  • 1999 Extension of Northern ramp of Elbtunnel near Hamburg
  • 1999 for new construction of Grünbrücke B 464 (bridge)
  • 1999 for renovation of bridges on motorway A 45 Dortmund-Frankfort
  • 2000 Tunnel near Ingolstadt
  • 2000 Bridge over the Spree
  • 2000 Tunnel on the banks of the river Weser near Porta Westfalica
  • 2000 Railway bridge near Duisburg
  • 2000 Tunnel under the Rhine for motorway A44 near Ilverich
  • 2002 Bridge over valley near Kaiserslautern
  • 2002 Bridge over the Recknitz
  • 2002 Twin roller skates for elimination of the movement of heeling over of a ship, which leaves the dock
  • 2004 Multi function arena at Dusseldorf
  • 2004 Tunnel Löwentor near Stuttgart

  • 1965 Used in bridge construction Europabrücke near Innsbruck and bridges on the Brenner motorway.
  • 1967 Viaducts and bridges on the motorway between Villach and Klagenfurt.
  • 1974/75 Bridge construction and viaducts on the Tauern motorway.
  • 1978 Railway bridge at Braunau/Inn.
  • 1995 tunnel construction near Semmering

  • Metà 1950 used on the first ring at CERN/Geneva nuclear research project.
  • 1958 CERN has placed its electromagnets permanently on our roller skates.
  • 1960 Twin Roller Skates for transporting transformers.
  • 1978 Transportation of 240 Tonnes stator for power station.
  • 1981 Used in nuclear research project L3 at CERN/Geneva.
  • 1982 Used on slipways in shipyard at Brienzersee.
  • 1983/84 Restoration of Quaibridge at Zurich.
  • 1988 Moving of large transformers for repair in power station.
  • 1998 For Wititunnel
  • 1998 for tunnel Lüsslingen

  • 1958 Construction of suspension bridge near Roche- Bernard/Bretagne.
  • 1963 Renovation and expansion of Metro at Paris.
  • 1964 Used on tunneling machines during the construction of the R.E.R. network at Paris and suburbs.
  • 1965 To position a complete spectators’ stand at the Longchamps racecourse (18000 tonnes). Movement of heavy nuclear reactor parts in nuclear power stations.
  • 1966 Construction of bridge to isle of Oleron.
  • 1967 Positioning bridge section between Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint Louis in Paris. Bridge construction on the motorway between Nice and Mentone.
  • 1969 Used on slipways to launch ships at Saint Nazaire.
  • 1970 Used in the construction of the Mont Blanc tunnels.
  • 1971 Flyover bridge to the Isle of Noirmoutier. For loading reactor parts (575 tonnes) on board ships for a refinery.
    Used in the foundation work for the Palace of Congress in Paris (Porte Maillot).
  • 1984 Roller Skates, equipped with hydraulics for off-shore platform.
  • 1985 Construction of the Eurotunnel.
  • 1989 Construction of tunnels/bridges for the high speed railway in France.
  • 1991 For construction of suspension bridge Pont de Normandie
  • 1991 Construction of tunnel at Marseille
  • 1991 Funicular railway at Tignes
  • 1992/1993 Transportation of statues during renovation of Louvre in Paris
  • 1998 Wheel sets for heavy press for plastics
  • 1999 First equipment of glass ovens
  • 2004 First equipment of glass ovens

  • 1971 Part of a ship elevator near Waterloo.
  • 1976 Specially designed Roller Skates used in the construction of a nuclear power station.
  • 1980 Used during construction and installation of new furnace.
  • 1980 Used during construction and installation of new furnace

  • 1968 Repositioning of canal bridge near Vianen.
  • 1971 Incorporated in the tooling for a large tube bending machine.
  • 1973 To overcome problems during transportation of heavy loads in shipyards.
  • 1976/77Roller Skates used for manoeuvering suction pipes on dredgers.
  • 1993 Loading of an aeroplane with a 110 ton off-shore part
  • 1993 Positioning of 80 tonnes partitions on a container ship

Scandinavia/Great Britain
  • 1982 Used in the off-shore industry with admission from Det-Norske-Veritas.
  • 1996 for retaining wall in Denmark
  • 1997 Bridge over and tunnel under the Great Belt
  • 1999 Tunnel Södra Länken in Sweden
  • 2003 for military airport in Great Britain

Southern Europe: Italy/Spain/Portugal
  • 1967/69 In the construction of bridges and viaducts on the Brenner Motorway.
  • 1969 Specially designed Rollers for a steel plant in Bilbao.
  • 1970/71 Construction of bridges in the Palermo area.
  • 1973 Bridge construction in Portugal.
  • 1975 Twin Rollers used for the transport of transformers.
  • 1982 Positioning of heavy pontoon parts into the sea (approximately 4000 tonnes).
  • 1987 Railway bridge over the Douro, Portugal. Soviet Union
  • 1978 Moscow airport
  • 1979/80Olympic games, Moscow

South America
  • 1966 Roller Skates used in ships construction in Peru 1973 Specially designed Roller Skates for steel plant in Brazil.
  • 1988 Movement of the space launching pad for the ARIANE. Africa/Asia
  • Mid 1950 Used during the construction of the Aswan Dam, Egypt.
  • 1965 Construction of the Lower Volta Bridge at Tema, Ghana.
  • 1982 Bridge construction in Nigeria.
  • 1991 Thiku-Dam in Kenya.
  • 1993 Bridge construction in Nepal.