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The idea

We started with the idea of placing the rear roller automatically in front whilst using 3 rollers or bars to advance the load. This reduces the danger of accidents and ensures easier, continuous transportation. From this idea we developed our industrial skate for moving heavy loads:

Roller Skate Express


The advantages of using Roller Skate Express are self-evident:

  • solid construction
    – guarantees long product life with minimum maintenance.
  • low level construction of Roller Skate (between 7 and 20 cm)
    – reduces the danger of tilting and requires minimum raising of the load whilst placing the Roller Skate underneath.
  • little effort required to overcome rolling resistance within the chain assembly (approximately 3% of total load
    under ideal conditions and using a larger diameter of roller).
  • a variety of applications for very different conditions.
  • Several decades (about 50 years) of experience in numerous applications.
    – at sea, (on, under and in the sea, and offshore);
    – on land (bridge-building and relocation of bridges or bridge-parts, moving of complete spectators’ stand, of complete blast furnace, of big machinery, parts of nuclear reactors, as a machine-part in tube production machines, in tunnelling (Métro of Paris, Montblanc tunnel, channel Eurotunnel)
  • versatile universal transportation device.
  • very economic basic unit.